Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween...well, almost anyway : )

I'm pretty excited about Halloween and the girls are too since I told them I would put a little blush on their cheeks! I'll post pics over the weekend of them all done up. Now that they are almost 4, I'm hoping the big kids' scarey costumes don't scare them as bad this year. We try to get our being out done pretty early and it's usually little princesses or super heros at the time we are out.

My sewing machine officially is not working. I told her (yes, she is my baby) I would take her to the doctor first thing next week, but it might have to wait until January, after Christmas. If we do get any custom orders, it will be trips to my mom's which no one will mind a bit.

The girls' birthday party is about a week away and I haven't even begun to really plan for it. We are going to Disney the day of their birthday and staying 2 nights!!!! We are WAY overdue for a family vaca and we haven't told the kids we are going!! I love huge surprises! We are going to wake everyone up early, pack them in the car, and head to Orlando, all the while still keeping it a secret!!! I'll be sure to post tons of pics of the looks on their faces when they figure it out!

I hope everyone has a very fun, very safe Halloween and I can't wait to see others' post pics of their little ones all dressed up! So much fun!

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